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Burrowed by Caryne

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Want to learn how to make your own macrame plant hanger? With this easy to follow macrame plant hanger kit and a full tutorial video *available on my YouTube channel*, you can follow along and make your very own.

Follow along here:

This is a super fun craft idea for anyone looking to try something new. This kit is the perfect gift for your plant loving friends or someone who might want to start a new hobby!

This kit includes:
- 4 wooden beads (three small beads and one larger bead)
- 1 black metal hook
- 1 metal ring
- 2 pieces of nylon string for tying two gathering knots
- 3 pieces of nylon string (approx. 10 feet long)
- 3 pieces of nylon string (approx. 20 feet long)

*Each it is slightly different based on product colour, bead size/colour and ring size*


Handmade home décor for the eco-conscious plant loving soul. Almost everything I make is made with repurposed or recycled materials.  Recycling never looks so good! 

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