Norfolk Pine (Various Sizes)

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What I need for a happy home:

Light:  Although they prefer full sun whenever possible, Norfolk Island pines can also handle relatively long periods (months at a time) in dimmer conditions. Thus, you can keep your potted plant indoors during the winter and then move it to a sunny spot outdoors when the summer comes around. If your plant begins to stretch while growing inside, the odds are that the combination of low light and heavy fertilizer is causing leggy growth. In that case, cut back on the fertilizer until the plant has more access to sunlight. It's helpful to turn it frequently so every side gets equal light.

Water:  Norfolk Island pines are somewhat drought-tolerant, so they forgiving where water is concerned. It's advisable to let the soil dry out slightly between waterings. Keep an eye on the needles: if the needles turn yellow, the plant needs more water.

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