Assorted Air Plants - Tillandsia

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*I will select a random air plant for you as there are so many different kinds*

What I need to be happy in your home:

Light: Tillandsia love bright, indirect lighting. This variety can tolerate and enjoy even more direct sunshine than most air plants. This is due to its many tiny hairs, or trichomes, on its foliage.

Water: The Tillandsia is more drought-resistant than other air plants. Even so, these plants still need a good soak every week. A good indicator to look for is curling leaves. This is a sign that your Tillandsia needs a drink.

When this occurs, submerge your plant in a bowl of water and leave it for 10 to 30 minutes. If your plant is in bloom, keep the delicate flower above the water to prevent damage.

Once your air plant is done soaking remove from the water and shake out any excess water pooling in the leaves. Be sure that your air plant dries completely in a couple of hours to prevent rot.  Also, ensure that your water is clean when soaking your Tillandsia. Springwater, filtered water, or rainwater are best. If you have to use tap water, let it sit for at least 24 hours to reduce chlorine levels.

If you are growing this plant outside, placing it in an area where it will receive natural rain may eliminate the need to soak as often.

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