6" Epiphyllum Ackermannii (Orchid Cactus)

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The Orchid cacti can be a picky customer, but when you treat it correctly, it will bring your home beauty for years to come.

An Orchid cactus (forest type cacti) blooms multi-petalled bright funnel shaped flowers that spread out from 4 - 6 inches, and the foliage can get a little out of control. This is a tropical cactus, and will need to be watered frequently.

Flowering: Never disturb a plant that is actively flowering except to water it. Flowers of the orchid cactus form green tubes at the base, which spread out into 4-6 inch (10-16 cm) blossoms. These are shades of bright red, with yellow stamen in the center. The flowering process occurs in mid-spring, and, once open, blooms will remain open day and night. They will produce a small seed bearing fruit.

Light:  These plants prefer their sunlight to be indirect or filtered. Do not expose to sunlight during the heat of the day. A healthy plant will show dark green growth with red edges if the right amount of light is being provided.

Water: The soil of Disocactus ackermannii must have careful attention paid to its moisture levels. The roots must never dry out, but the top 1/3 inch of soil should become dry between watering.

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