4" Aralia - Ming

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What I need to be happy in your home:

The key to keeping Ming aralia happy lies in mimicking its native tropical environment. Direct sunlight is not super important to the plant, but the proper temperature and humidity levels are—mess up either of those, and you can bet that your Ming aralia won't thrive. Additionally, well-draining soil is essential to keep the plant's fine roots from rotting.

Light: Ming aralia likes bright, indirect light and can handle light shade. Allowing the plant to get morning sun is good, but it should never be kept in direct sunlight during the harsher afternoon hours, as the rays can scorch its fragile foliage. Aim for about six to 8 hours of filtered light a day; it's said Ming aralia do especially well in North-facing light.

Water: It's important to keep your Ming aralia consistently moist but never saturated. Water the soil deeply and allow it to almost dry out before you water it again—a weekly session should do the trick. Additionally, you can decrease your watering cadence in the winter, watering your plant every other week instead.

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