2.5" Baby Toes

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What I need to be happy in your home:

Water:  Determining the right time to water your Baby Toes is very easy! If you feel that their soil is completely dry to the touch or whenever you see that the tips on the leaves start to look a bit wrinkled or slightly shrunken, then it is time to give them a nice good drink of water by gently pouring it over and around your Baby Toes, until it drips off from the bottom of the pot.

Light: Since Baby Toes plants are adapted to subtropical desert conditions, they require bright sun. So if you are growing them outdoors, make sure they are in a spot where they can get at least 6 hours of sunlight per day and keep them protected from heavy rains and scorching hot afternoon sun, or else, they may end up being sunburned. But if you want to grow one inside your home, put them in a place where it can get lots of bright indirect sunlight, like a southern-facing window.If they are in too much shade, your Baby Toes will grow leggy and the leaves may fall on their side.

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