Purple Waffle Plant

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What I need to be happy in your home:

Light: The purple waffle plant does best in bright indirect light indoors, or partial shade outdoors. Direct sun can cause the edges of leaves to scorch or the color to bleach, and the cool metallic sheen of the leaves may also fade in direct sun. Without enough light, the plant may lose its rich purple color. Purple waffle plants will also thrive under artificial lights.

Water: If the purple waffle plant is moist, it's happy. Moist, well-drained soil is the goal. That being said, the plants don't need to be soaking to the point of runoff. Think of a wrung-out sponge, and irrigate the plants to achieve this level of moisture. If your environment is exceedingly dry or you can't ensure regular irrigation, aren't around enough to provide proper irrigation, add water-absorbing crystals to the soil to help retain moisture.

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