Stromanthe Triostar

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What I need to be happy in your home:

Triostars grow best in warm, humid conditions, and this is why they tend to be an ideal house plant, sitting in a window with sufficient indirect light.  Turning the plant around once a week can help ensure a good, even distribution of the leaves, as they'll grow in the direction of the light. Misting can also help to create the humidity they need. 

Light:  Tropical plants often need light that mimics what would be found in a rainforest environment.  Positioning your Triostar Stromanthe in an area with dappled light will provide it with the best chance of flourishing. If it receives too much direct sun, it can burn the leaves.

Water:  Ensuring your Triostar gets a consistent and appropriate amount of water is vital. Get this wrong, and the plant can quickly become unhealthy looking.  Keeping the soil constantly moist, but not waterlogged, is preferable. In cooler weather, this plant can be kept a little drier. Allowing just the top inch of soil to dry before rewatering usually provides good results.  This plant can even be fussy about the quality and temperature of the water. Tap water doesn't produce the best results. Distilled water is ideal or, at a push, spring water will also work. Make sure the water isn't over chilled either.

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