Top 5 reasons to gift a plant

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Whether they’re celebrating a holiday, a new home, or even a going through a bad week, gifting a plant can be the perfect way to brighten someone’s day.

They also provide long-term health benefits, from clean air to mindfulness and relaxation. When you send a plant gift, you’re sending years of beauty, companionship, and care.

Did you know? We also deliver! Here are five reasons to consider a plant gift.

1. It’s versatile

Matching a person to the right plant can be overwhelming. Plant gifts can fit any aesthetic and complement any personality. Gift a new homeowner the popular monstera deliciosa to fill their living room corner. Send a desk-friendly peperomia to someone who’s been forced to work from home. Celebrate a birthday with a money tree, meant to bring luck and wealth. This plant adds life to any home and is also highly rated as an air-purifier! No matter the occasion, we have a plant to make it special.

Swiss Cheese Plant
(Monstera Deliciosa)

2. It’s therapeutic

Plants inspire mindfulness and observation. This practice can help ease feelings of anxiety and depression. Plants can also clean the air, enhance focus, and lift spirits, especially when you’re stuck at home for months on end.

Close-up photo of variegated Peace Lily
Variegated Peace Lily
(Spathiphyllum ‘Domino’)

3. It’s thoughtful

There are so many plants to choose from – options range from species, sizes, and styles. Sending a plant can feel just as personal as any other gift.

Those living in a studio could benefit from small hanging plants while animal lovers need pet-friendly options. Choose a specific type, pot colour, and care difficulty level to suit everyone on your gift list.

Photo of Peperomia Hope in a gold decorative pot
Peperomia Hope/Trailing Jade
(Peperomia rotundifolia)

4. It provides companionship

Plant care can help establish a routine and support your mental wellbeing. This can be helpful to an elderly neighbour or a friend struggling with anxiety or depression. Seeing plants grow or propagating a plant baby can provide a sense of companionship.

Earth Star
(Cryptanthus Bivittatus)

5. It’s easy and affordable

Thinking about plant delivery? Rest assured that it is easy, affordable, and doesn’t require any wrapping! Plant gifts last far longer than flower bouquets. They can be enjoyed years to come. Pick the plant, size, and pot colour for your gift — and don’t forget to add a custom gift message at checkout.

Happy shopping!


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