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Written by Caryne Nakashoji from Burrowed by Caryne

I love plants.  I love them so much that I want as many as possible but sometimes I just don’t have the extra cash or I simply want my plants to look more full and lush.

Some plants are SUPER EASY to propagate.  My personal favourites are Philodendrons, Begonia's and Pothos plants.  They trail beautifully and can easily be cut to propagate.  The trick is to know how to cut the plant to ensure it has a nod to grow new roots.

Propagating your plants is also a great way to share and gift your favourite plants to your loved ones.  I have a HUGE Pothos named Gladys and I cannot tell you how many "babies" she has had.  I’ve given SO MANY clippings to friends and family.

Now, I was going to write a big blog post all about how to propagate your plants but then I came across this amazing video on HGTV Canada's Facebook page featuring the “Plant Mama”.  She basically says everything I wanted to say and did it in such a nice, simple and effective way.  So, I have attached the video to this blog post.  Is this really a blog post if it’s not actually written in detail by me?  I say YES, because I wrote a BIT of stuff and I also copy and pasted the video link for your viewing pleasure.

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