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By: Julian Jamie

When I became a mother in 2016 I began freelancing part-time while caring for my daughter. Working full-time just to pay for childcare was unrealistic for my family. 
Sound familiar?
Almost six years later, I have found myself working with and/or for mother-run companies. 
My name is Julian Jamie – I am a mother to three children under the age of six. I am familiar with the thankless and energy-sucking reality that full-time parenthood brings forth. And considering only 15.6% of Canadian businesses are women-owned - not all being parents - finding managers who * JUST KNOW * can feel a bit . . . fraught.
From ethereal mother-focused magazines to aesthetically IG pleasing baby brands, I pride myself in being selective with the companies I invest my precious (yes, precious) energy into: Amy’s Little Plant Shop being my most recent.  
For the past couple of years I have managed the community of one of the Internet’s most badass mother-run and owned spaces, Not Safe For Mom Group (I’m biased. Check us out.).
The first time I’d stepped foot into Amy’s space, we bonded over the experience of working while in motherhood - with its exhausting, yet incredibly fulfilling, components. 
Amy and I have daughters the same age. When they’d met it was as if the universe had guided us to one another. (Two new friends whose parents * ACTUALLY * got along? What a Godsend!) 
When Amy had asked for social media assistance I could not say no. And shortly after I was invited to meet her staff. My heart oozed: All identify as female. Over half are mothers. And if you’ve visited the shop IRL you may have met one or two of their children, because sometimes they hang out in the back during their parents’ shifts if they cannot swing childcare, or when school’s closed (thanks, Covid).
Amy has been a parent for almost eight years. She has a prolific background in childhood education, but decided to leave and open her dream plant shop.  If anyone knows the true balance of working whilst in parenthood, it’s her. This is what makes Amy an empathic and supportive leader. She is a true inspiration. I could go on, but I digress. 
Amy has built a phenomenal community, nation-wide, of plant-loving enthusiasts. But what you may not have known until just now is that she is building an ethical, female-owned and female-run company that supports the working parent. 
So next time you purchase from Amy’s Little Plant Shop, remember you’re not only supporting a small business. You’re supporting parents within your community in a very tangible and real way. 
Thanks to businesses like Amy’s, and the incredible customers she brings forth, the impossible becomes possible: Working while in motherhood not only feels realistic. It feels rewarding.  
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